Alternative Options For Your Unborn Child

Posted on: 29 December 2014

It is estimated that approximately 49 percent of all pregnancies in America are unplanned. Of this number, 50 percent of women choose to have an abortion. This is possibly because abortion is seen as the quickest and easiest way to handle the unexpected problem of an unwanted and possibly traumatic pregnancy. However, having an abortion may not be as simple as it may appear, as it is reported that 95% of women are not given enough information at the clinics or doctors' offices where these are performed and more than 80 percent of women who have an abortion suffer from post-abortion issues. These include regret, sorrow, depression and even attempted suicide.

So if you find yourself currently wracked with anxiety, indecision or social support pressure associated with suddenly finding yourself pregnant, consider these alternatives to abortion. While they may require more time, planning, preparation and consideration than an abortion, they may make a huge difference in your life in the long run.

Becoming a parent

Even though your pregnancy may have come at a bad time or through really traumatic circumstances, you can give serious thought to parenting your child. The factors to consider for this option includes the quality of your support system (including the father), your state of stability (physically, emotionally and financially) and your readiness to accept such a long term commitment. 

if that is not a viable option for you, it is possible to reach out to a willing father and discuss the possibilities of him or his family members raising your child. While it is determined that only about 42 percent of today's men want to be involved in raising a child, they have also indicated that they are willing to be more involved in the process of child care. 

Consider adoption

If you find that you are unable to parent due to your particular circumstances, then you can give the baby up for adoption. There are well over 81 percent of single, childless women over the age of 40 who still hope to become mothers. These women also tend to be college educated and are more likely to fall into higher income brackets and can therefore provide a more financially secure life for your child.

Adoption can be opened, semi-opened or closed depending on your need to have continued contact with your child. An open adoption could give you the pleasures of being involved with your child while removing the burden of the daily care and protection and financial expectations.

If you need help deciding what to do after you become pregnant unexpectedly, contact a center like the Pregnancy Center Of Wayne County.