Make Dental Visits A Family Affair

Posted on: 14 January 2015

Most people will agree that going to a dentist like Joe Rosenberg, DDS is one of the most important things to do. Good dental care not only means that you'll more than likely keep a beautiful smile – it's also important for your overall health.  Consistent dental visits and at-home care can be important preventive measures so that later you won't have periodontal disease. In many cases, even root canals can be avoided. Dentists even screen for oral cancer, thus saving lives because of early detection. Another benefit is that your mouth will smell great. Here are some things that will help your family maintain proper dental health.

Choose The Right Dentist - Obviously, it's important for you to be able to communicate well with your dentist. Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not the dental office is kid-friendly. Does the dentist know how to interact with children of all ages? Is the waiting room a pleasant place to be?

Calendar Early - If you are trying to get the entire family to see the dentist on one visit, it's really important to schedule early. Now that 2015 has just begun, this is the perfect time to pull out your new calendar and mark the dates. Consider choosing holiday times when your children won't have to miss school. If you choose a summer month, be sure not to schedule anything during vacation time. June is a great time for dental appointments because the next appointments, which should be in six months, can be scheduled at the beginning of the Christmas break when kids are out of school.

What To Expect - Preparing your children for what they can expect will make visits to the dentist a lot easier.

  • Each family member will have his or her teeth cleaned. Periodically, x-rays will be taken, too.
  • The hygienist often steps in to explain proper dental care to be done at home.
  • After teeth have been cleaned, the dentist will check the mouth, and will study the x rays, if they have been taken.
  • Hopefully the dentist will give your children a congratulatory high five or another form of praise when there weren't any cavities. If there were cavities, the dentist will remind the family member that brushing twice a day is not enough. Regular flossing is extremely important.
  • If there have been too many cavities, a prescription tooth paste might be recommended. Good nutrition will also be emphasized, with a reminder that too much sugar can be disastrous to your teeth.
  • Each family member will probably take home a new toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste and a container or dental floss.

Congratulations on helping your family maintain good dental habits.