How Physician Owned Hospitals Help Patients

Posted on: 16 January 2015

While the use of physician owned hospitals has been controversial since they first began, they hold many benefits for their patients. President Obama's new healthcare laws are making it difficult for these hospitals to grow, but they are still being ranked the top hospitals in the country. Opponents of these physician owned hospitals are concerned that the doctors are only concerned with the bottom line, but patients are saying otherwise.

Better Facilities

Physician owned hospitals tend to have better facilities. This could be a way to entice new patients to their facilities over a traditional hospital. From personalized care to a professionally staffed kitchen, patients are receiving top of the line treatment during their stay at these hospitals. In addition to the food and amenities, many patients are being treated using state of the art technology. This can shorten recovery times and offer better outcomes than a traditional hospital. In the end both types of hospitals must meet the same standards of care but one is able to go above and beyond for their patients.

Better Communication

If you have ever stayed in a traditional hospital and had an issue with a doctor, nurse, or other staff member, you have probably jumped through the hurdles of filing paperwork and speaking to a number of people, only to never get an answer as to what happens next. Physician owned hospitals take an active role in the satisfaction of their patients. You are able to communicate your wants and needs with doctors and other staff and have those needs met with open arms. There is less red tape to contend with to have patient needs met while they are staying in the facility.

Better Food

Admit it. Hospital food is mediocre at best with some of the best for-profit hospitals offering the worst food selections. Many hospitals have adopted the system of letting patients order their meals from a set menu while others are still dishing out the same three choices per meal with no choice. Physician owned hospitals are taking hospital food to a new level. Baylor Frisco hospital for example offers patients who have delivered a baby a steak and lobster dinner before they check out of the facility. If patients don't feel like eating any of the delicious choices offered, they can special request items they would like.

One of the biggest arguments opponents of physician owned hospitals, like Nueterra, have is that they are profit driven. However, their drive to earn has transformed the hospital experience into a relaxing experience for many patients.