The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dental Implants

Posted on: 9 November 2015

If you need to replace one or more teeth, then there are several options available to you, such as implants, bridges, and dentures. Here is an overview of implants to help you get a better idea of when you might want implants and when they might be a bad idea:

Cost - One of the biggest concerns for many people will be the price tag. Unfortunately, implants do cost the most out of any option per tooth and can end up costing several thousand dollars each. This is several times more expensive than other options and one or two implants might end up costing more than a full set of dentures. However, if you only need to get one or two teeth replaced, then implants might be a pretty appealing option. Implants are the most durable of the three options and will feel the most natural. If you end up needing to get your bridge or dentures replaced later in life, then you might end up paying more in total than you might have spent on implants. On the other hand, you should ask your insurer about their implant coverage before making any commitments. Some insurers won't cover implants or won't cover as much as they might for dentures.

Installation Process - Implants will also take the longest to install of the three options, while dentures take the shortest. With implants, you will need to have several visits to the dentist before the crown is actually placed on top of the implant, which means that you are looking at three visits minimum. The installation process is also fairly long since it involves drilling down to the jawbone, while bridges and dentures don't usually require surgery.

Durability and Maintenance - Implants will last the longest and require the least maintenance out of the three options. Bridges place extra strain on the adjacent teeth, which can lead to problems down the line if you do not keep your teeth in perfect condition. Implants are totally independent from adjacent teeth and are anchored to the jawbone, which means that they will have a good deal of extra support.

Comfort - Implants will feel the most natural and will not impede your ability to eat certain foods, which can happen with dentures. You will not need to (and will be unable to) remove your implants at any time, which means that they will fit quite snugly. In fact, you will likely forget that you even have an implant after several weeks.

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