Currently Available Stair Lift Designs

Posted on: 27 November 2015

When a physically-challenged person or senior citizen has trouble going from one floor to another floor in their residence, a stair lift can help them negotiate the stairs. Stair lifts can carry a person up and down stairs in a safe and secure manner. Here are the design options of currently available stair lifts for your consideration. 

Types of Stair Lifts

There are many types of stair lifts to accommodate the abilities of different people and the designs of different staircases in residential homes. Each of these stair lifts is operated by a button on the lift and also by remote control to bring the lift to the floor where it is needed.  

  • Straight Stair Lift - The rail for this lift is mounted directly on the steps of a stairway and carries the lift straight up or down from one floor to another. A straight stair lift is designed for traditional flights of stairs.
  • Curved Stair Lift - The rail for this lift is mounted on the steps of a stairway and allows the lift to follow the curvature of a spiral and/or curved staircase. Both ends of the curved stair lift are wrapped around the bottom and top structure of the staircase to move the lift completely off of the staircase when not in use. 
  • L-Shaped Stair Lift - The rail for this lift is mounted on the steps of the stairway and allows the lift to bend around the corner of a landing platform where the staircase changes direction. An L-shaped stair lift can accommodate multiple landings if needed. 
  • Weatherproof Stair Lift - The rail for this lift can be straight, curved, or l-shaped. This type of stair lift is completely weatherproof so it can carry a rider up and down an outdoor stairway that leads to the entryway of a home or an outdoor deck or patio that is not on the same level as a house. 

Features of Stair Lifts

There are several different ways a person can ride a stair lift. Depending on the nature of the disabilities of the stair lift rider, one of the following design features may work better than another: 

  • Swivel Chair Lift - A swivel chair lift allows a lift rider to remain completely seated during the ride from one floor to another. 
  • Perch Lift - A perch lift allows a lift rider to sit on a small perch that is halfway between a chair and a standing platform. This option is good for people who have trouble bending their knees but need the security of a small seat to take some of their weight off of their feet and legs. 
  • Standing Platform Lift - A standing platform is good for someone with joint problems or balance issues. A standing platform has armrests that allow the rider to hold on to the lift as it travels from floor to floor. 

With all of the above design options and features, a physically challenged or elderly person who has trouble climbing stairs may find the perfect solution in one of the currently available stair lifts. A stair lift could allow them to remain comfortably living in their home for many years. For more information, contact a company like All-Star Lifts.