Helping Your Child Become More Comfortable With Getting Shots

Posted on: 24 March 2016

One tough thing to deal with as a parent is a crying child who is afraid of going to the doctor because they don't want to get shots. You might wonder if you can do anything to make the experience less stressful. Use the following advice to help you calm your child so that getting shots goes quickly and more easily.

Explain the Procedure Beforehand

You might not want to trigger a bout of tears by telling your child that you're going to the doctor for a shot, but it is important that your child not feel ambushed when they arrive at the doctor. Not knowing what to expect can make your child even more upset and bothered, as their imagination might be more frightening than reality.

Instead, talk to your child about the entire procedure. Explain what will happen, talk to them about who may give them the shot and about how long it will take. You might want to act out the doctor visit as well.

Be Honest

You might not want to admit to your child that getting shots can hurt, but not doing so leaves them unprepared to deal with the sting of a needle going into their skin. Be honest about the fact that needles might hurt, but emphasize that it will not take very long. Talk to them about the reasons they are getting shots and ensure them that the shots serve a purpose and help keep them healthy.

Plan Something Fun for Later

A great way for you to help your child feel better about getting shots is to plan something fun for after the doctor's visit. A trip to the zoo or having some ice cream can help your child to stop dwelling on the shots and start looking forward to getting to the rest of their day. Whenever they start to seem troubled or worried, start talking about the great day you'll have.

Seek Out a Family Practice

One of the easiest things you can try to help your child become more comfortable with shots is to seek out a doctor with a family practice like Choice Medical Group. Because all different kinds of families use such a doctor, the doctor and staff are more likely to have dealt with children in the past. As a result of their experiences, they can use techniques that put your child at ease.

With the advice in this article, you should be able to help your child handle their shots a bit more easily. Ask your doctor for additional tips that may help your child feel more comfortable with the experience.