What Do You Need To Know About Pediatric Hypertension?

Posted on: 28 November 2016

When you think of hypertension, you probably think of it is as a health problem that adults worry about. The truth is that children can experience hypertension as well. In fact, the condition is often misdiagnosed as something else because it has been considered an adult problem. This does not take away from the severity of the problem. Hypertension can have fatal consequences. If you want to learn more about pediatric hypertension, this guide will help.

How is Hypertension Diagnosed?

Pediatric hypertension is typically diagnosed by assessing the child's blood pressure. Children tend to have their blood pressure checked at every physical, which should occur once per year. The pediatrician will determine if your child has a healthy blood pressure or not based on height, weight, and age.

What Treatments Are Available for Pediatric Hypertension?

Pediatric hypertension is associated with several types of treatment. Lifestyle changes and medication can both provide help. For children who suffer from hypertension as a result of obesity, lifestyle changes are often all that is necessary. Diet and exercise may be able to bring down blood pressure in children.

In terms of diet, children with this condition should be eating a diet consisting of low-sodium foods. While children should not be smoking or drinking alcohol anyway, it is also more important that children with hypertension avoid them.

What Health Issues Are Associated with Pediatric Hypertension?

Pediatric hypertension is commonly associated with other health concerns, including kidney disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes. Children who are screened for hypertension are also often screened for other health issues. The pediatrician will look for cause to be concerned and treat those issues quickly.

What Causes Pediatric Hypertension?

Pediatric hypertension could be caused by a great number of factors. One of the biggest causes is obesity, but there are others as well. Sometimes, hypertension runs in families. In this case, it could be that genetics and lifestyle issues come together to create a serious health concern. In some cases, hypertension is caused by legal medications and substances, ranging from weight loss pills and caffeine to oral contraceptives and steroids.

If you think your child may be experiencing pediatric hypertension, it is important that you seek help immediately. Unfortunately, there are often no symptoms associated with the condition. This means that your child could be living with hypertension, and you may have no idea. This is why regular checkups with your pediatrician are a necessity. For more information, contact a pediatrician at a location such as Ada Pediatrics PA.