Natural Ways to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Posted on: 11 January 2017

Seasonal allergies are a huge annoyance for a lot of people. Just when the weather starts to warm up and people are excited to go outside after a long winter, flying pollen tries to drive them indoors again. If you have watery, itchy eyes and an incessant need to sneeze during the spring months, you might be suffering from seasonal allergies. An allergist would be able to tell you exactly what's causing your symptoms, but whether it's grass or a particular type of pollen, these things are difficult to avoid when pollen is riding on the wind and everyone is mowing their lawn. Over-the-counter or prescription medication can help, but other remedies can, too. Read on for some tips to reduce the allergens in your environment and food and herbal remedies that might help reduce the itch.   

Reducing Allergens

When the weather warms up, the urge to open all the doors and windows in your house is huge. There's nothing like that first breath of fresh air in your cooped-up winter home. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, however, try to open windows and doors just a crack. Pollen will enter your home on those fresh breezes and settle on everything. If you can't resist a fully open window, dust your home frequently with a damp cloth. Also keep in mind that hanging clothing outdoors to dry will introduce allergens into your environment. There's nothing like the scent of clothes left to dry outdoors, but when you put that spring dress on, it'll be full of pollen. It's also a good idea to take a quick shower before going to bed at night. After a day spent outside, rinsing pollen off your hair and skin will allow you to sleep more comfortably and will keep pollen off your sheets. 

Food Remedies

Local honey can do wonders for allergy sufferers because it helps them build up an immunity to the pollen found in their area. Add some to your tea or use it as a sweetener in cereal or yogurt to help relieve symptoms. Local bee pollen can have the same effect. It's also a good idea to boost your vitamin C intake during allergy season to support your struggling immune system. Try combining fresh citrus juices sweetened with local honey for a refreshing boost. 

Herbal Remedies

Herbs with anti-inflammatory properties are wonderful to take if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Try gingko, stinging nettles or dong quai. However, be sure to read labels carefully or talk with an herbalist, homeopathic practitioner or allergist before using these powerful remedies. It is possible to overdose on herbs or take an herb that will interact badly with a prescription medication. 

For more tips on combating seasonal allergies, talk to a doctor like those at the Billings Clinic.