Three Tips For Those That Suspect They Are Allergic To Their Pet

Posted on: 2 November 2017

Having a pet can provide you with many important benefits, but there are many individuals that may start to suspect that they are allergic to their beloved animal. If you are starting to experience allergy symptoms when you have been near your pet, there are several steps you must take to help manage your symptoms so that you can still enjoy spending time with your pet.

Undergo Allergy Testing

One of the first steps that you should take when you suspect that you are developing pet allergies is to have yourself tested for allergies. During an allergy test, you will be exposed to common triggers for allergies, which will help you to isolate the cause of your reaction. For example, these tests may help you to identify whether you are allergic to your pet's fur or dander, which can help with devising strategies to minimize your symptoms. Furthermore, these tests will enable you to understand which medications you should take when you start to exhibit symptoms.

Keep Your Pet Clean And Groomed

Keeping your pet as clean as possible and well-groomed can be essential for minimizing the severity of your allergies. Cleaning your pet will remove dander, pollen and other particles that may get in your pet's fur that can cause an allergic reaction in you. Many individuals will also be allergic to the fur that their pet's shed. For these individuals, grooming the animal may be essential for limiting the amount of fur that is shed in your home. For those that find grooming their animal difficult or unpleasant, it can be well worth the expense of hiring a professional groomer to perform this work for you. Luckily, most pets will only require this type of care every couple of months, which can help to reduce the inconvenience of taking the animal to the groomer.

Install Hypoallergenic Air Filters

Regardless of grooming and cleaning your animal, there will be some allergens that may start to accumulate in your home. These allergens can greatly reduce the air quality in your home, which can put you at a greater risk of experiencing a reaction. Regretfully, most standard air filters are incapable of removing these materials from the air. Rather, if you are wanting to remove these particles from the air in your home, you will need to install hypoallergenic air filters as these will be able to remove allergen particles that pass through them. In addition to using these filters in your air conditioning and heating systems, you may also want to invest in room purifiers that use these filters.

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