After Your Accident: Why Get Physical Therapy?

Posted on: 30 August 2018

After your accident, you may have refused to see any health care providers because you simply didn't consider injuries to be serious. As you recover, though, physical therapy should be an activity to think about. Why?

Soothing Pain

Most immediately, therapy is likely to relieve pain from the vehicle accident. Injuries of all kinds can affect the way you sit, move, walk, and go about daily, regular activities. Your therapist will learn some data about your life to help you with a comprehensive, thorough exercise and treatment plan. This plan can enable you to perform physically in daily life much better than if you got no professional help. In fact, because the therapist will train you and observe you during each session, you'll discover, know, and practice the proper techniques for the movements you need to do; you won't hurt your body by moving recklessly.

Prepping for Discomfort

If during your accident you experienced some whiplash in which your neck was thrown into hyperextended positions, it may not even bother you for a while. Therapy at that point is most essential so that you don't start moving in ways that would trigger that pain. Getting assistance early could prep you so that if pain does come, you've already been working to strengthen and heal the body so the pain isn't as severe. 

Coping with Past Pain

At times, accident injuries trigger old problem areas where you've been hurt before. For example, if you sprained an ankle years ago, dull pain there could return due to a leg injury in the accident. To reduce all that discomfort, physical therapists will recognize what's happening and will work with you to strengthen all the tissues, tendons, or ligaments involved. As you're stronger, past and present injuries should feel less painful.

Monitoring Recovery

Your therapist will track your reported pain and the physical progress made over time. Because they're professionals, they'll know when to raise alarms if you're not recovering as well as others with similar issues do. They will notice when scar tissue is forming and make recommendations about reducing that possibility. They may end up recommending discussion of surgery or other methods of helping your body get back to where it should be.

To ensure your body is healthy and functional, post–car accident physical therapy is something to discuss and seriously ponder. With a consultation, you may discover therapy is a physical solution you need.