Why Mothers Must Work With Teen Daughters To Find Safe Birth Control

Posted on: 29 August 2020

Being a single mother of a teen daughter is always fraught with fears and confusions. However, this situation can be particularly tough when your teen daughter starts to have sex. Though you may go through some mixed emotions about this, it is important to discuss the topics of safe sex and birth control, providing a safe selection to ensure your daughter is informed and safe.

Unprotected Sex is a Common Teen Danger

Studies find that more and more teens are having unprotected sex every year, an issue that is connected with growing up and developing sexual attraction. As your daughter matures into puberty and her teen years, your daughter wants to experiment and enjoy herself. She may choose to experiment with multiple partners outside of school and in various environments.

Discovering that your daughter is having sex can create complex emotions that are not easy to deal with. You may have had the thought to ban sex or keep strict tabs on your daughter and keep her at home. This type of corrective action is usually too strict and often causes teenagers to fight back. Instead, try to move on to helping her become an informed young woman with safe birth control methods at her disposal.

Finding Birth Control Methods

Mothers worried about their daughter having unprotected sex should talk to them about the different birth control methods available. Though you may not be able to stop your daughter from having sex even at this age, you can make sure that she does it safely. For example, there are many types of medicines available for use on a monthly basis that will protect her.

However, there are other types of intervaginal methods that protect a teen from pregnancy and even some diseases. It is important to talk with the birth control doctor about these options and how a teen girl can get her partner to wear condoms or other types of protection. At this age, it is important to instill these ideas in a teen to ensure that they follow safe sex methods for life.

This situation is never an easy one for a mother to go through with her daughter. You want what is best for your child which leads you to making tough decisions and have the difficult but necessary talks. It is best to take be active and take a helpful role in a teen's sexual education and to support them and smart decisions. Doing so may help to make it easier for your daughter to become safer about their sexual activities. For more information, you might try visiting a website like Western Branch Center for Women to learn more.