Considering Medical Cannabis? Common Medical Conditions That May Benefit From It

Posted on: 30 October 2020

With more states working to legalize the use of medical cannabis, now is a good time to learn more about some potential benefits as they apply to a few common medical conditions. 

Dementia and Alzheimer's 

The development of age-related memory problems is more prevalent than ever. While some cases are mild and allow the patients to lead a relatively normal life, others are severe enough to threaten the patient's quality of life.

While ongoing studies have not yet shown that medical cannabis will prevent or stop the progression of dementia, Alzheimer's, or other memory-related health issues, it has shown promise in managing some common symptoms, such as aggressive or agitated behavior. 

Appetite stimulation

Medical conditions, as well as some of the treatments patients receive for them, can have a detrimental effect on appetite. If not corrected, patients can suffer further health issues, such as lack of energy and nutritional deficiencies that can make recovery even more difficult.

Cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, as well as many other commonly prescribed drugs, can cause nausea that makes it difficult for patients to eat as well as depressing normal appetite levels.

Medical cannabis is known to help stimulate appetite and may also relieve symptoms of nausea. Better nourishment can make patients stronger and better able to cope with difficult or uncomfortable medical treatments and recoveries. 


While epilepsy is not considered curable, a majority of patients find that the symptoms are manageable with medication. Unfortunately, there is also a portion of epilepsy sufferers who find that their condition, sometimes called refractory or intractable epilepsy, is not able to be controlled with common epilepsy medications. 

Using medical cannabis for patients with refractory or intractable epilepsy may prove to be valuable in stopping or slowing the occurrence of seizures. Children with epilepsy may also find that seizure frequency reduces when given medical cannabis orally. 

Immune system conditions

HIV and Multiple Sclerosis are just two of the many immune system disorders that may also see benefits from the use of medical cannabis. In addition to helping with stress and discomfort from these conditions, medical cannabis may help strengthen the body's immune system and make patients better able to withstand rigorous treatments. 

If you are interested in learning more about medical cannabis for health reasons, discussing it with your doctor is the first step. If your doctor is in agreement, they can assist you in accessing medical cannabis through a licensed dispensary in your area. Talk to a dispensary, such as Rocky Road Remedies for more information.