What Are Hearing Aid Services?

Posted on: 20 July 2021

People of any age can suffer from hearing loss, but it typically affects older adults. If you suspect that you're becoming hard of hearing, an audiologist can conduct a hearing test that will diagnose the presence and severity of the hearing loss. From there, your audiologist can help you discover your options. Hearing aids can help people with hearing loss listen to the world around them. Here are four things that you can expect when you take advantage of hearing aid services:

1. Help you choose a hearing aid.

Hearing aids come in many different types to support people with different degrees of hearing loss. Some hearing aids are designed to fit completely inside your ear canal, where it will be invisible from the outside. Other hearing aids are situated partially inside and partially outside of your ear canal, and some hearing aids are completely external. Your audiologist will help you choose the type of hearing aid that will help you while providing maximum comfort.

2. Fit you for a hearing aid.

Hearing aids should fit snugly in your ear without causing you discomfort. You will be fitted for a hearing aid, which will be ordered specifically for you. A specialist will takes measurements of the inside and outside of your ear. These measurements will be used to craft a custom hearing aid to suit your needs.

3. Adjust your hearing aid.

Once your hearing aid arrives, some adjustments will be required. Your hearing aid specialist will ask you to try on your new hearing aid in the office. They will adjust the physical fit of your hearing aid until it's snug and comfortable. Next, your hearing aid specialist will adjust the settings of your hearing aid until it provides a clear sound at the correct volume. This fine-tuning process is important for good results.

4. Provide patient education.

Hearing aids can help you hear the world clearly. However, these medical devices must be used, cleaned, and stored correctly to provide the maximum possible benefit. When you get your hearing aid, your doctor will explain how you should care for them. They will tell you to avoid sleeping in your hearing aids and to avoid spraying aerosol products on your face or hair while wearing your hearing aids. You'll also be advised to turn your hearing aids off and to store them in their cases whenever you don't need them.