About Infection Control For A Dental Clinic

Posted on: 10 October 2022

As a new dentist, the excitement of opening a clinic and helping patients is a good feeling. However, helping patients is about more than assisting with dental problems, it is also about keeping patients safe. No matter how great a dentist's skills may be, all it takes is to make one mistake for a patient to develop an infection. Unfortunately, dental infections can become severe, so they should be prevented at all costs for the protection of patients and the prevention of a lawsuit. The most important step to take as a new dentist and before opening a dental clinic to the public is to invest in a supply of infection-control products.

Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

While working on patients' mouths, it is easy for a dentist to spread or be exposed to germs. For protective measures and to control infections, investing in PPE is vital for running a dental clinic. PPE includes items that you wear on your body, such as helmets and goggles. You should base the PPE on the types of services you provide, as not all PPE will be needed inside a dental clinic. Gloves, facemasks, and protective clothing are the types of supplies that are commonly useful in a dental clinic and wise to stock up on.

Hand Products to Fight Against Germs and Bacteria

An important role of a dentist when controlling infections is to place a lot of attention on your hands. For instance, other than washing hands with soap, it is important to use hand sanitizer or an antimicrobial lotion product. There are wipes available that are manufactured with alcohol that can be used for killing germs and bacteria as well. Due to hand products being needed between each session with a dental patient, it is wise to keep a sufficient supply of the products so you will never run out. There is an array of hand products that could be purchased for infection control.

Products for Sterilizing Dental Tools

Dental tools are used for multiple patients per day at a clinic, which means that they are constantly exposed to germs and bacteria. Purchasing sterilization products and equipment for your dental tools is a must for infection-control purposes. For example, a glass bead sterilizer is a great piece of equipment to invest in for your clinic because it can remove a variety of microorganisms from dental tools. There are also liquids, trays, and many other products that can be purchased for sterilizing dental tools.

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