Have Constant Recent Skin Irritations? Get Allergy Testing And Start Eliminating Hazards

Posted on: 23 February 2023

If you are dealing with skin irritations, rashes, and flare-ups, and you aren't sure what is causing the problem, you'll want to get the proper testing. There are allergy tests available that allow you to see if it's something that you are ingesting, or maybe if it's a product that you are using in your everyday life.

You can start by comparing the ingredients in the products that you use, and writing down what you are eating in a day. Get started by doing the following.

Go Chemical Free if Possible

You want to go chemical-free if you can. This means you choose products that don't have chemicals for:

  • Laundry
  • Hygiene products like body wash, shampoos, facial products, etc.
  • Cleaning products around the home

Cleaning up your diet and trying to choose things that are organic is also a benefit. This way you know there aren't added dyes, preservatives and chemicals, or bad ingredients.

Get Allergy Testing

Getting professional allergy testing is one of the fastest ways for you to find out what is causing these irritations. There are over-the-counter food sensitivity tests that you can try, but it's best to let a dermatologist or your family care provider order you professional testing.

They will use a series of needles to poke the skin and inject different potential irritants, to see what your body reacts to and what it doesn't. This will give you fast results, and you'll be able to see quickly what you are allergic to.

Start Removing Things One by One

There are a variety of things that can start pulling from your diet and your lifestyle to see if they are the culprits. Keep a detailed journal of what you are stopping, and what products you aren't using. Bring this information with you when you meet with your medical professional.

 If you have recently switched products in your home, started eating a new food, or are cooking with a different oil or product, these are all things that could be triggering your body's reactions. Get the testing and start doing the detective work around your home.

There are a lot of things that you may not know have chemicals or irritants, and you are using them on your body or ingesting them daily. Your medical professional will put together a plan after you get the testing to weed out what is causing your uncomfortable reactions.

For more information, contact a company such as the Allergy and Asthma Clinic of Fort Worth.