3 Ways To Prevent And Treat Sties

Posted on: 12 January 2015

There is nothing fun about a sty in your eye. According to Vision Service Plan, a sty occurs when the glands or pores in your eyelid become plugged, causing infection and inflammation. Sties are not particularly serious as far as vision ailments are concerned, but they are certainly painful and unsightly. Listed below are three things that you can do to either prevent or treat sties to minimize the amount of time you have to deal with them.
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Finding Out Your Teen Is About To Become A Parent--Now What?

Posted on: 6 January 2015

If you have had the unexpected news that your teenager is about to become a parent themselves, you may be filled with shock, disappointment, or even excitement. A new baby coming into the family is always a big deal, and when the parent is very young themselves, it will open up a bunch of questions for all involved. What is the correct procedure in handling a predicament like this? Here are some guidelines to use to help you, and more importantly your teenager, through this trying time.
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Home Health Nurse Vs Home Health Aide: Do You Really Know The Difference?

Posted on: 5 January 2015

People often assume that home health nurses and home health aides from companies like First In Care Home Health Agency Inc are one in the same. However, while both of these professionals can provide elderly care inside the comfort of your home, the role that each of these professionals play can be quite different. Understanding these differences is key to ensuring that your elderly loved ones get the type of care that is best for their specific needs.
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2 Ways A Chiropractor Can Help You During Pregnancy

Posted on: 30 December 2014

It is no secret that pregnancy can be hard on your body. Many women complain that during this time their body hurts and they are uncomfortable. Luckily, you don't have to be in constant pain, just because you are expecting a baby. A chiropractor can help you to get the relief that you need in a way that is very safe and natural so that it won't harm you or the baby.
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